Clinical Trials

International Clinical Trials

The following is a list of clinical research trials that we have been active participants.

American Society of Breast Surgeons Nipple Sparing Mastectomy Registry (ACTIVE)

American Society of Breast Sugeons



This study is a simple national registry of all patients who undergo nipple-sparing mastectomy in order to delineate the risks of the procedure and the success in preventing cancer and preserving cosmesis.

Neoadjuvant Breast Registry – Symphony™ Trial (NBRST) (pronounced “in breast”)     (ACTIVE)

Neoadjuvant Breast Registry Symphony TrialObservational prospective study in women with breast cancer that are given chemotherapy or hormonal therapy before they undergo surgery. The breast cancers are assessed with a genetic analysis called Mammoprint – Symphony™. After the treatments and surgery, the results of the genetic analysis are compared to the final pathology. Response rates are determined and linked to the genetic profile of the breast cancer. Hopefully in the future  this will allow us to predict a breast cancer’s response to treatment based upon the genetic analysis using the Mammoprint- Symphony™.


Targit trial – Targeted Intraoperative Radiotherapy for Breast Cancer  (ACTIVE)

Targit Trial

International trial looking at the use of one treatment radiation therapy given in the operating room while the patient is asleep and undergoing breast preservation cancer surgery. Patients were randomized to standard 6-7 weeks of radiation versus one dose intra-operative radiation, and are being followed for many years, tracking survival and recurrence rates. Results have shown so far that recurrence rates for one dose radiation at surgery are equal to standard treatment.



American College of Surgeons Z-11 Trial (COMPLETED)

Axillary Dissection



This national study randomized women with breast cancer and metastases in their sentinel nodes to complete removal of the rest of the lymph nodes or to observation with no further node surgery. The results show that women undergoing breast conservation surgery with a nodal metastasis in less than 3 nodes and no extra-nodal extension, had equal survival and recurrence rates if they do not undergo additional node surgery. This study was the most important study in the last decade, since it has allowed thousands of women to avoid unnecessary lymph node dissection which is associated with disabling lymphedema.

The following is a list of research projects limited to our breast center.

  • Creation of BRCA 1 / 2 + breast cancer cell lines as part of translational research with SUNY at Albany
  • Institution experience with high-risk women undergoing nipple-sparing one step risk reducing mastectomy. This study reviews risks and successes with the procedure as well as focusing upon the personal experiences of our patients after the surgery.
  • Early breast center experience with intraoperative radiation when combined with post-operative radiation.
  • Reviewing Magnetic Resonace Imaging results in high risk women as relates to breast tissue density by mammography.


Publications and Presentations

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  • Subcutaneous Mastectomy and Immediate Reconstruction for Prevention of Breast Cancer for High-Risk Patients. Ashikari RH, Ashikari AY, Kelemen PR, Salzberg CA. Breast Cancer 2008;15:185-191.
  • Male Breast Cancer: A Single Group Experience. Thu Ma AM, Lawrence C,  R Ashikari, A Ashikari, Kelemen PR. Presented at the Fourth Annual Louis R. M. Del Guercio Surgical Research Day , May 2006, New York Medical College , Valhalla , NY .
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This information does not replace expert evaluation and advice from a trained breast care professional. If you have noted any breast problems please seek care from a breast surgeon as soon as possible.